High Standards
Customer Support

VIOHAL ARAPOS SPYROS LTD is the result of a business journey that began in 1981 when ARAPOS I. SPYRIDON & Co. started to produce and market high quality products such as aluminium foil, cling film and non-stick baking paper on the Greek market.

A few years later, in 1992, it expanded its activities to include the production of professional and household tissue items such as napkins, paper tissues, toilet paper, kitchen towels, cleaning supplies etc.

In 1994 it began to import, package and sell disposable aluminium containers and PET plastic containers.

The management of the company attaches great importance to Quality Assurance and in particular to continually improving the quality of the products it provides to its customers. 

The Company’s basic principles and philosophy on quality are the following: 

  • The product must fully satisfy the customer’s requirements, as expressed in writing or verbally by the authorised company representative. Satisfaction is directly related to adherence to product specifications. 
  • We create products on the basis of laboratory tests, certification and the European legislative framework so that they are safe and are suitable for coming into contact with food. 
  • We place great emphasis on customer support, close cooperation with suppliers and customers, constantly updating and informing employees and sales personnel and offering products and services that meet customers’ real needs. 
  • By continually researching new products and looking for ways to improve existing products, we ensure we provide the best possible service to the Greek market. 
  • We have specific and detailed procedures which are supported by guidelines, forms, charts and tables and cover all areas of the Company’s organisational activities.

The Company is committed to providing the necessary resources, both human and logistic, for all activities related to updating, dispersion of information and services, with a particular emphasis on quality.